Lentils and Pasta with Greens

Mmmmm pasta. I have just started to open up to sauce being on top of my pasta because I grew up being a buttered pasta kinda girl. I actually hated sauced on anything, but cooking has expanded my taste buds and has made me actually start to like sauce. I look forward to pretty much every pasta recipe now. This recipe was no exception, except for the fact that I had no idea what lentils were. I thought they were some sort of vegetable but they’re more like beans. A mix of beans and quinoa to be exact.

I just came back from a weekend in Pennsylvania and the first thing on my to do list was to make this pasta (after I went to the gym of course; gotta stay fit.) It had been snowing all day in the city and it was already six o’clock by the time I left to get my groceries. I was halfway to Trader Joe’s before I decided that I was not putting up with their crap today. I just did not have time to go to a million different grocery stores, so I turned around and headed to Fairway.

I’m so glad I decided to go to Fairway first, because GUESS WHAT! I was able to buy every single ingredient I needed. It honestly made my night only having to go to one grocery store. Although I probably spent $10 more than I would’ve if I had gotten a few items at Trader Joe’s, it was totally worth it. Quickest shopping trip ever HALLELUIAH.

Most of my friend’s were too busy to cook with me tonight ): But, I had my best friends with me AKA my room mates to help me chop some things. Courtney and Alexis were big helps and they added some humor today. While chopping up the Swiss chard, they tried to make each other eat it…which resulted in a bunch of it on the floor. But it’s alright because Courtney made Alexis try the red wine needed for the dish, and Alexis’s face was priceless (she does not like wine at all.)

This dish was probably the easiest to cook, because all the ingredients just had to sit around on the stove for a while. They did take a tad bit longer to cook but still oh so easy.

Ashley and Ashley came over just in time to eat.

3..2..1! This pasta was good, but nothing spectacular about it. Both Ashley’s were in awe with it, though. They both had two helpings! There were many different textures because of the noodles, lentils and the greens. Of course it all mixed well together because Rachael Ray is a genius. I’d give this recipe ♥♥ (2) hearts because it was just meh. Maybe it was meh also because this cooking experience wasn’t as fun as it usually is and I was rushing a bit so I would be done in time for the Bachelor… I have a feeling next week will be better!

Until next week!

-Mary Honkus

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