Anna Maria’s Greek Shrimp and Feta Penne

Oh, Rachael Ray, you know how I love pasta. I knew from the start that this pasta dish would be delicious because seafood makes everything better. Anna Maria’s Greek Shrimp and Feta Pasta. I don’t recall ever trying feta cheese before, but it’s cheese and all cheese is good. New cheese, new pasta, new food: that’s what this cooking blog is all about, trying new food and making new memories. It’s that time to make another delicious memory.

It has been another extremely busy week for me and I’m very surprised I had the time to run to the grocery store today. I headed to Trader Joe’s around 1:45 and praise God the store was not busy at all. It’s nice to be able to shop without feeling like I’m stuck in traffic trying to make it over to the produce section. I wasn’t able to pick up all the ingredients I needed…what a surprise. Although, everything that I bought at Trader Joe’s totaled to only $11, so I was pretty pumped thinking that I’d be eating like a queen with spending little money.

I was debating on going to Fairway or Whole Foods, and I couldn’t make up my mind. The cross walk signs ended up deciding for me because I am very impatient waiting for them to change. I ended up going to Whole Foods. I only needed 3 more ingredients: crushed tomatoes, oregano, and 2 pounds of shrimp. I spoke too soon about having a cheap meal because the shrimp was 30 FREAKING DOLLARS. Why is shrimp so expensive?! That got me a little upset, but I can’t let my readers or my stomach down so I payed without complaint. Whole Foods didn’t have fresh oregano either, so Nicolette was able to run out and find some since I did not have the time to do it myself. She truly is a lifesaver.

Fast forward to 9 pm. After 4 long hours of apartment searching, I headed home to finally start cooking. Nicolette and I immediately got to work. I spent most of my time ripping the tails off of the shrimp and Nicolette was on stove duty this week. I swear we get better and better at this whole cooking thing because we cook faster and faster every week. We actually got done within 30 minutes!

We were beyond ready for the moment of truth. We scooped our pasta into our bowls and 3…2…1… no words. The pasta was definitely worth the long wait tonight. All the flavors meshed perfectly together (like they always do because Rachael Ray is a genius.)

Our friend Morgan remembered that we were cooking and she sprinted down the hall to try some. Once the pasta graced her taste buds she just about fell out of her chair from how good it was. She just kept repeating over and over “this is soooooo good.”

As far as rating goes, this one was so easy. Anna Maria’s Greek Shrimp and Feta Penne receives ♥♥♥♥♥ (5) hearts! This dish is easily comparable to Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage. Both recipes are by far the best pasta dishes I have ever consumed. Rachael Ray really hit it out of the ball park with this one. I also have enough leftovers to feed a small army for about 3 weeks, but I’ll eat it all by myself in 5 days #fatass and proud of it. Thank you Rachael Ray!

Until next week!

-Mary Honkus

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