Dinner with the Works

Dinner with the works: another 3 course meal courtesy of Nicolette and I. Our entree for tonight is Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. Now this may sound odd, especially since I’m an American, but I have never had buffalo wings. I know, I know, I’ve eaten some weird exotic stuff like calamari, but not the simple all-American classics like buffalo wings. Although this is a sandwich and not wings, it pretty much has the same concept; especially since it is served with a blue cheese sauce…which I’m kinda scared about because I’m not a fan of  blue cheese…needless to say, I’m praying I like this recipe. Our side dish of the night is Super Stuffed Potatoes with the Works. Who doesn’t love potatoes? I had no fear with this recipe…okay maybe a little since I’m not a bacon fan. See I told you I’m so un-American because I dislike so many American foods. Anyway, the final dish, and our dessert for the night is Orange Sherbet Freezes. We will be eating like true Americans tonight.

Flashback to yesterday (Tuesday). I went on my normal excursion to Trader Joe’s for the ingredients. My trip was going as it usually does: I find most things, but not everything. Nothing out of the ordinary…until I reach the cash register. I always have some great conversations with the cashiers, because I’m a friendly person, so this talk at the register starts out like any other. “yeah I’m a student at FIT….yadadada” he told me about himself “yeah, I live in queens…yadadada” whatever, typical small talk. The only different thing was this cashier asked for my number. I just didn’t know what to do in the moment because I didn’t want to be mean, so I gave it to him. Way to go, Mare. He texted me later but I didn’t answer…oops. I hope I don’t get him as a cashier again because that would be aaawwwwwkkkkkwwwaaarrrrddd.

I carried my groceries home before I went to Fairway because my bag was extremely heavy. If I would’ve gone to Fairway first, I never would’ve been able to lift my bag. So, I drop everything off at home then head back out. Thank God Fairway had everything. Shopping wasn’t that bad this time. Eventful for sure, but not terrible.

Flash forward to today (Wednesday). Nicolette doesn’t get out of class until 6:30, but I started without her….kinda. To my loyal blog readers, I’m sure you remember the last time we made stuffed potatoes: the recipe said to cook the potatoes in the microwave for 12 minutes….well after 24 minutes in the microwave the potatoes still didn’t cook, so I was not messing with that this time around. I preheated the oven to 450 degrees and threw those potatoes in there for almost an hour. I knew they’d actually cook this time, even if it did take longer.

Nicolette came over and we got cooking. We went back and forth between working on the potato recipe and the chicken. It always seems like Nicolette is the chopper, although after last week she told me if there was garlic that I had to cut it from now on since her hands smell like garlic for days after we cook. Luckily, there was no garlic in this recipe, and no extreme amounts of chopping. I cooked the bacon, and almost cooked it in evoo, but Nic told me not to because it’s already fatty enough. Thank God for her, she always sets me straight while cooking.

River came over to “help” (aka chill and watch) us cook. I love the extra company though. While I cooked the chicken, Nicolette made the blue cheese sauce, the hot sauce marinade, and the stuffing for the potatoes. She was on a roll today. We still had the same issue with the potatoes as last time: it was hard to scrape the insides out. We ended up with one beautiful potato (pictured) and one destroyed potato…but we almost had no potatoes because I almost dropped them in the oven. I should never be responsible of taking them out of the oven when we only have one oven mit because I have weak wrists. Yeah, yeah I know you’re all thinking “excuses, excuses.” but forreal! I could never be a waitress because I’d just drop everything thanks to the twigs I call wrists.

The marinade for the chicken was SPICY. it just consisted of hot sauce and butter. River kept saying that the hot sauce we used was deadly. He was already sweating over it before we were ready to eat.

Everything smelled yummy and we prepared our sandwiches with the chicken, lettuce, and a nice slather of the blue cheese sauce on the bun. The potatoes were quickly browned to perfection and it was time for the moment of truth.

3…2…1! Yum-o! the first bite of the chicken wasn’t extremely spicy, even though River built up the hype that it would be like walking into a volcano. He felt like it was hot as hell, though, and had to run over to his room the get some milk. As for Nicolette and I, we didn’t feel like the spiciness was overwhelming. In fact, the blue cheese sauce balanced and canceled out the spice very nicely. It was a fine and dandy sandwich to eat…until about halfway through. You know when you absolutely love something at first, but then it gets funky? That’s what happened with this. The chicken was still good, don’t get me wrong, but the sauce just got weird and gross really quickly. The potatoes on the other hand…. Let the angelic choir sing because that was something straight from heaven. My potato was ginormous and I was full to bursting halfway through eating it but it was so good that I couldn’t stop eating. I could’ve actually died from bursting but I would’ve been okay with it because that potato was that delicious.

We had to wait about a half hour after finishing dinner so we could digest our food to make and eat the dessert because we were so stuffed. The  Orange Sherbet Freezes had 3 simple ingredients: vanilla ice cream, orange sherbet, and lemon-lime soda. Of course when I opened the soda it exploded everywhere. I just called that that would happen. It was an easy clean up though, and an easy dessert to make. Morgan, Ashley, and Jenny all came over to enjoy this refreshing dessert.

Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part: rating the food. the Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches receive ♥♥♥ (3) hearts. It was great at first, like I said, but there was something about the blue cheese sauce that made it so unappetizing. At least I was able to give the leftover sauce to Adrian so it wouldn’t go to waist. the Super Stuffed Potatoes with the Works receives ♥♥♥♥♥ (5) hearts. I have never tasted such deliciously amazing potatoes in my life. After eating them I hope I will be full for the remainder of this week. Finally, the Orange Sherbet Freezes receive ♥♥♥♥ (4) hearts because it was a refreshing ending to this meal, and everyone enjoyed them! My stomach was and is still very happy even three hours after I finished eating. Rachael Ray: please don’t make me fat from all of your good food. That’s all I ask!

Until next week!

-Mary Honkus

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