Tasty Turkey Burgers

I feel like everyone is always looking for a way to eat healthier…especially when it comes to burgers. I have tried the burger where the bun is lettuce —  it was alright but definitely did not fill me up. The only “healthy” burger that has ever left me satisfied is the turkey burger. I have had such a craving for burgers lately, maybe because I should’ve been at a labor day picnic, but anyways my healthy burger wishes came true today with Twilight Time Turkey Patties and Cranberry Sauce. Lets get cooking!

I started this adventure a few days prior, by letting my friends know what ingredients they had to bring. This recipe didn’t require many, so each person only had to bring one which was great!

On Labor day (today) I headed to Trader Joe’s on my typical shopping spree. For today’s recipe I only had to pick up the turkey. Easy and cheap for me, I’ll take it!

Everyone arrived around 6, and shortly after we started cooking. I quickly had to run to Food Emporium to pick up some thyme since Ashley couldn’t find any. I left in a rush without my phone and everyone was so confused as to where I had gone when I came back. I kept saying I went to pick up thyme and all my friends were like “time??? you had to pick up time?” I had to pull the thyme out of the grocery bag for them to understand.

We finally started — Mel, Nicolette and Kait helped chop the herbs and make the patties, While Ashley and Morgan made a chocolate bunt cake from the south (special shout out to Ashley for bringing that all the way from South Carolina).

This meal really did only take 30 minutes and went off without a hitch — we didn’t even set off the smoke alarm! Once the patties were done we each grabbed one and loaded up with some cranberry sauce on the side.

No one even waited for the moment of truth…everyone just dug in like ravenous animals, but the mmmms of satisfaction were heard all over. I finally took a bite and was oh so happy: just what I had been craving: a flavorful, good-for-you burger. The burger was well seasoned and very filling. Who would’ve thought that coating a turkey burger with pecans and instant mashed potato flakes (who knew those were even a thing) would be so delicious! The cranberry sauce added a little sweetness. I felt like I was at lazy thanksgiving dinner. We even made the mashed potato flakes into actual mashed potatoes. All around super scrumptious. The cake was the perfect dessert too, even though I dropped my piece on the floor and burned my arm. (Still ate it though, my apartment floor is spotless thanks to Ashley.)

Now time for rating! Twilight Time Turkey Patties and Cranberry Sauce receives ♥♥♥♥ (4) hearts. Definitely satisfying, and definitely the health factor that I love….but would I make it again? Probably not, but then again I never make anything twice. I’m excited to get fancy with next week’s recipe though.

Until next week!

-Mary Honkus

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