French Cuisine in 30

For the past couple weeks I have been craving exactly what we have made in EVOO. For example, I had been craving a burger two weeks ago and that week’s the menu was turkey burgers, and last week I was craving wine and we cooked with wine…then again I’m always craving wine but that’s besides the point. I had been craving a good pasta dish all week and guess what — tonight’s recipe is pasta!! Chicken Chasseur with Herbed Egg Fettuccine to be exact. Rachael Ray’s pasta dishes never disappoint; she even left a note in this recipe saying “everyone who tastes this, flips!” Thanks to that little note, I have through-the-roof expectations: I better be flipping when this dish touches my taste buds. Let’s get cooking!

I woke up on Sunday not feeling too great, and neither was my sous-chef Nicolette, so we decided to cook on Monday (today).

I woke up extra early (8am ugh) to start my day at Trader Joe’s. It was a very ugly day in New York City. There was no sight of the sun, the was rain pouring down, and I didn’t have an umbrella. I knew it would would be a real struggle to lug the groceries all the way home in the rain. Luckily, as soon as I got off at 72nd street, there was a man selling umbrellas for $5. My guardian angel was looking out for me today.

I arrived at Trader Joe’s shortly after 9am. I have never seen the place so deserted. The line only wrapped halfway around the store instead completely around the store!! There was room to walk and I didn’t receive any death glares for grabbing the items I needed. Best Trader Joe’s experience ever! Of course, I had to quickly run to Fairway because Trader Joe’s didn’t have fettuccine, but other than that, it was a fabulous shopping day.

The shopping trip had me thinking that cooking would run just as smoothly…but I was  wrong. I came home to my apartment wall being torn apart by two workers. Apparently there was a broken pipe that just so happened to only run through my apartment wall -_- Because of this mini demolition, everything had a layer of dust on it — my kitchen table, the counter, my laptop, the stove — EVERYTHING. I quickly cleaned up before Nicolette came over at 4.

We started cooking like we do every week by chopping the ingredients that needed chopped. We ended up crying like babies because we had to cut not one, not two, but three shallots. Those little buggers are the strongest onions ever, I swear! We chopped efficiently, and worked through the noise of drilling in my hallway.

We really got into the cooking — It’s so much easier whenever there is a smaller group. Occasionally the workers would peak over to see what we were making. That’s how we could tell it smelled delicious.

We cooked the carrots, shallots & mushrooms together, and eventually blended it all into this extremely appetizing sauce for the chicken to marinate in.Then we spiced up the fettuccine with special herbs before making heaping piles of pasta and sauce.

I was literally drooling while waiting for the moment of truth. 3..2..1…Rachael Ray was right, I definitely did flip. My taste buds flipped at this perfection and my heart flipped because I was falling in love with food. At first I took a big waft of the pasta and it smelled sweet, but there wasn’t an overwhelming sweet flavor to it. The chicken was so savory from simmering in the sauce, I don’t think we have ever cooked chicken so perfectly before. We both ate like savages — we just couldn’t get enough. I even ate seconds. AH-MAZING.

If you couldn’t tell from my reaction, Chicken Chasseur with Herbed Egg Fettuccine receives ♥♥♥♥♥ (5) hearts. Rachael Ray’s pasta dishes are absolutely out of this world. She knows how to create something so flavorful but not overwhelming. I could eat this for weeks, and I’ll at least eat it for this week. I’m excited to come home from class every night to this delicious meal. Tres Magnifique!!

Until next week!

-Mary Honkus


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