A Lunch of My Favorites

Lunch: a meal I often confuse with breakfast. Why do I confuse it with breakfast, you ask? Because by the time I wake up every day it’s lunch time for most people. My meal times are completely messed up. I usually eat breakfast around 12, lunch around 5, and dinner around 9:30…..I blame college. But while today’s menu may be suitable for lunch, it will be making a delightful dinner for my friend’s and I. Tonight we’re making: Oven Fries with Herbes de Provence, Tomato and Spinach Soup, and Rachael’s Tuna Pan Bagnat. Lets get cooking!

I started out my day at Trader Joe’s. The last Wednesday I went to Trader Joe’s it was a madhouse, so I was mentally preparing myself for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised to find the store near empty…or as empty as Trader Joe’s could be. For once I was able to navigate my shopping cart without feeling like I was in the middle of Manhattan traffic at rush hour.

As I headed to the lower level of the store, I noticed a sign that I had never seen before that read “Get your shopping list ready for today’s Trader Joe’s adventure” Oh Trader Joe’s…if only you knew that coming into the store truly is a different adventure every time.

I was able to find many ingredients on the lower level, I then proceeded to the produce section upstairs…but something was telling me to go back downstairs. I’m glad I listened to that feeling because I found two other ingredients that were needed. Always gotta double check!!

I did have to make a pit stop at Fairway for 3 items, which was a total pain because Fairway’s line was out the door. It was as if Trader Joe’s and Fairway switched lives for the day.

I was also very surprised at how cheap this meal was. Starting out on the right side of the recipe today woohoo!!

Morgan, Nicolette, and Mel came over around 8:30 and we started out with chopping like usual. There were an ungodly amount of items to be chopped tonight, but luckily not much stove work. Morgan was the savior of the night for being so tall.

I need to explain the terrible layout of my cabinet space to my readers. First off, Ashley and I are a little vertically challenged; we’re both around 5’2. I don’t know who designed our kitchen but they decided to put all of the cabinets above the microwave and the fridge, which makes most, if not all of the shelves impossible for us to reach. Luckily Morgan is tall and was able to reach everything we needed for tonight. So shout out to Morgan.

Nicolette was on soup duty, while I made the filling for the sandwiches…Mel didn’t want to help me because seafood freaks her out. I don’t know it could freak her out, the little anchovies were so cute! Just kidding, but seafood really does gives me life.

Turns out I was the only one eating tonight so I had my little moment of truth by myself.

3..2..1…Not too bad, not too shabby. I liked the Tuna Pan Bagnat, and I was pretty skeptical at first. I love sushi tuna, but canned tuna doesn’t really appeal to me, not to mention I don’t care for many of the ingredients in the filling (artichokes & olives just to name a few). I probably should’ve chopped up the rosemary a little bit more though, because I was getting huge tastes of rosemary; it was overwhelming at times. The soup wasn’t anything impressive, it was literally just tomato sauce with some spinach in it. Meh. The fries were alright as well. They were a bit of a let down from the oven fries with cheese from a few weeks ago. Compared to the previous fries, these were pretty bland.

Now time for rating… Oven Fries with Herbes de Provence receives ♥♥ (2) hearts. I was truly looking forward to these, but they were such a let down. Way too blah. The Tomato and Spinach Soup receives ♥♥ (2) hearts as well. This is another recipe that totally underwhelmed me. We are in prime soup season now that the weather is becoming colder, so I was expecting something to warm my soul and make my taste buds sing. This recipe did NOT do that. I’m iffy on tomatoes to begin with, and this was nothing but canned tomatoes sprinkled with spinach. I felt like I was just eating tomato paste. Extremely disappointing. Finally Rachael’s Tuna Pan Bagnat receives ♥♥♥ (3) hearts. First off, I’d like to say I’m mad that I forgot to put the capers in, although I feel like they wouldn’t have made much of a difference. This was one of those dishes where it’s very good to start out but the more you eat it, the more grossed out you get. Definitely not one of my favorites at all.

Welp, this lunch for dinner turned out to be a flop. I think I’ll just stick to making breakfast for dinner. You can never go wrong with that.

Until next week!

-Mary Honkus

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